Blue Razz Ice by Doozy Seriously Salty Nic Salt 10ml



Blue Razz Ice by Doozy Seriously Salty Nic Salt 10ml


Experience the electrifying blend of Blue Razz Ice by Doozy Seriously Salty Nic Salt. In this 10ml bottle, encounter the intense fusion of tangy blue raspberry and a refreshing menthol kick. With every inhale, relish the vibrant and sweet notes of blue raspberry, followed by an invigorating menthol exhale. Meticulously crafted, this nicotine salt e-liquid delivers a balanced and exhilarating vaping journey, perfect for those seeking a bold and icy delight. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Blue Razz Ice, capturing the essence of tart blue raspberry with a chilling twist.

Intense flavour Fusion: Immerse yourself in the electrifying blend of tangy blue raspberry and refreshing menthol, offering an intense and bold taste.

Balanced Taste: The combination of blue raspberry and menthol creates a harmonious interplay of tartness and icy freshness, satisfying the palate.

Nicotine Strength Variation: Choose from varying nicotine strengths in the 10ml bottle, allowing for a personalised and satisfying vape.

Chilling Sensation: The menthol exhale delivers a chilling and invigorating sensation, enhancing the overall vaping experience for menthol enthusiasts.

Is this e-liquid suitable for pod systems?
Yes, Blue Razz Ice by Doozy Seriously Salty Nic Salt is designed for pod systems, delivering an intense and icy blue raspberry experience.

What nicotine strength is available?
The 10ml bottle typically offers varying nicotine strengths, catering to different preferences.

Does it provide an authentic blue raspberry and menthol experience?
Absolutely, Blue Razz Ice combines the vibrant flavours of blue raspberry with a refreshing menthol kick for an electrifying vaping experience.

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