Blood Orange Ice Blast by TNGO 100ml


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Blood Orange Ice Blast by TNGO 100ml

Blood Orange Ice Blast by TNGO 100ml e-liquid brings you to a wholesome fresh fruity experience. Colour your day bright with Tngo blood orange ice vape juice and liven up your evening to the max. Tngo blood orange ice blast e-liquid will make the difference that you are looking for in your day. Feel the fresh blood orange tangy taste roll in your mouth when you inhale. Then dive through a thick cloud of vapour on exhale. Live your days to the fullest.

The blend of tropical fruits that makes your vaping cool, crisp, and playful on every puff. Sweet and juicy on the inhale while soothing on the exhale.

  • 200ml
  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • Flavours : Cola, Fizzy Drinks

Part of the TNGO range by TNGO.

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