Blackcurrant by Ultimate Salts on Ice 10mg/20mg


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Blackcurrant by Ultimate Salts on Ice 10mg/20mg


Indulge in the refreshingly cool and irresistible flavour of Ultimate Puff On Ice – Blackcurrant. This icy treat brings you the succulent essence of ripe blackcurrants, perfectly chilled to provide a delightful escape from the summer heat. The fusion of juicy blackcurrant and icy menthol creates a harmonious blend of flavour and cooling effect, making it a refreshing companion throughout the day.

Chilled Blackcurrant
Cooling Sensation
Balanced Blend
High-Quality Ingredients

What is Ultimate Puff On Ice – Blackcurrant?
It’s a nicotine salt e-liquid featuring the luscious taste of ripe blackcurrants combined with a refreshing icy menthol kick.

What nicotine strength is available?
Ultimate Puff On Ice – Blackcurrant is available in various nicotine strengths to suit your preference.

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10mg, 20mg

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